When choosing a furnace, remember: efficiency equals more money in your pocket! And, while we service all makes and models, we only sell the industry’s best furnaces by YORK. These furnaces represent where the industry is heading in terms of quality, efficiency, home comfort, and warranty. As the area’s only certified YORK dealer, you’ll be getting expert advice, prompt service, and reliable support. Learn how variable speed technology can keep you comfortable more efficiently and precisely.


Approximately 15% of your home’s energy budget is dedicated to heating water. Today’s ENERGY STAR-rated units use 10-15% less energy than standard models – meaning more money in your pocket! To choose a unit that will meet the needs of your family, consider: How many people are in your home? What size of tub (if any) do you have? How often are the tubs and showers used? We can help you decide whether a traditional tank would suit your needs or whether to go tankless.


Building a new home or thinking of renovating? Now is the time to plan for gas appliances! Incorporating gas lines ahead of time will help prevent costly demolition & headaches down the road. Appliances to consider: Stoves, dryers, fireplaces, BBQs, pool heaters, and stand-by generators.


Your garage offers valuable additional living and/or working space, make it comfortable all year round! From radiant tube heaters to wall or ceiling-hung heaters, we can make your “man cave” the best on the block

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Air conditioning is about more than just staying cool. Regulating the temperature in your home can also help improve indoor air quality by reducing humidity and discouraging the growth of pollutants. YORK products have been building a reputation of quality for over 135 years and are leaders in energy efficiency!


Whether your home lacks the ductwork required for air conditioning or you’re only interested in cooling specific zones, a ductless air conditioner offers the flexibility you need to ensure your home is comfortable no matter the season! 

Not only are Fujitsu systems leaders in energy efficiency, they come with the most extensive warranty in the business.


Essentially, a heat pump is a reversible air conditioner. They offer all-season flexibility by taking warm air from outside and bringing it indoors during the winter and extracting warm air from inside and transferring it outdoors during the summer.

Heat pumps can be used to supplement your home’s heating system – providing a less expensive heat when needed during the spring and fall – as well as energy efficient cooling during the summer months.

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A Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) helps improve indoor air qualityby removing stale air from your home and replacing it with fresh air from outside. At the same time, an HRV will recover heat from the stale air in your home and transfer it to the incoming fresh air.

We service all makes and models and are proud to install residential ventilation & filtration systems by vänEE. For over 30 years, vänEE has redefined ventilation by combining innovative technology, expertise, and quality manufacturing to offer the most advanced and extensive lines of ventilators available.


Why Use UV Lights?

UV Lights are installed directly into the ductwork to purify the air that passes through your system. They’re safe & effective in eliminating airborne allergens, bacteria, viruses, mould, and fungi before they’re distributed throughout your home. They can also help reduce odours by treating the air with UV sterilization.

Why Install a Humidifier?

Humidifiers add moisture to the air to help maintain ideal levels of humidity within your home. They’re most effective during winter months when windows & doors are closed, the air is naturally dry, and heating draws additional moisture from the air. Proper humidity levels can help prevent dry, itchy skin and eyes, headaches, and sinus issues – not to mention, making your home feel warmer.


Stand up to unpredictable weather and unforeseen outages with a GENERAC automatic standby generator – the

#1 selling home standby generator in Canada and the U.S.

Within seconds of an outage, your unit will provide power directly to your electrical circuit breaker box, covering your essential circuits or your entire home.

As this area’s certified GENERAC dealer, you can rely on professional installation along with a product we truly believe in.

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